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Tuition is always due the first Saturday of every month, our school is a not for profit school. As you are aware you have never been asked for testing fees, board fees or belt payments. I do not sell merchandise, but refer you to my wholesaler to get uniforms, sparring gear and such other items below retail. Practically all tuition goes back into the school for rent to the church, insurance (we are a fully insured school), workman’s compensation coverage and the over $2000 a year it costs to go to Headquarters in Jackson MS for my training and re-certification, so that we remain affiliated with a legitimate National Governing Body. Our costs are fixed and therefore we have to charge monthly not per class. Just to break even whether all classes are taken or not we depend on a fixed monthly amount for tuition. If I cancel class I will credit it to the following month. I am happy to provide financial statements to any parent or adult student and we also take donations that are earmarked for equipment for our school.